Introducing the latest enhancement to ICTBroadcast – the innovative Event Addition feature coupled with advanced Date and Time Restrictions, revolutionizing the way users manage and execute their campaigns. In an era where communication is dynamic and diverse, ICTBroadcast continues to be at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies, ensuring that your outreach is not only efficient but also tailored to the specific needs of your audience.

In a world where timing is everything, ICTBroadcast’s Date and Time Restrictions empower users to orchestrate their campaigns with unparalleled precision, ensuring that each communication is not just heard but heard at the right time. Embrace the future of campaign management with ICTBroadcast – where innovation meets communication, and outreach becomes an art form.

Overview: ICTBroadcast, The Advance Call Center and Auto dialer software

ICTBroadcast is a white label and multi tenant auto dialer software and call center software, it features Unified communciations, Voice, SMS, Fax and Email communications. It is an all one software solution based on open-source asterisk communications switch. It features multiple dialing modes such as progressive dialing, predictive dialing, power dialing, preview dialing as well as manual dialing through WebRTC web phones to improve your call center’s efficiency and productivity. ICTBroadcast automated dialer automatically dial contacts and transfer them to agents, so you can focus on providing excellent customer service.

ICTBroadcast Event Addition and Block Date Feature:

In ICTBroadcast Event Addition and Block Date feature is added. Each user can create his own event separately and then can select block date for stop/block the running and new campaign on selected event date. For example if user/admin Added an event on date 14 december 2023 and select the stop campaign yes then on 14 date new campaigns or running campaign of this user will blocked automatically.

Following are the steps for adding Event and Block date:

  • Click any “Date” from the calendar and then click on “Add Event” button, usually located in the top-right corner of the calendar interface.

select evnt

  • After click on add event button then a dialog box will be open then select the fields. 

Event name is required fields. you can’t set it empty and then start date field.

  • Stop campaign field is also required. Its dropdown value is yes or no. If user select “yes” from the dropdown then all your running campaigns will be stop on date.

  • And you can set color of your event and then click on save event button.

select date

  • After create event calendar will be like that.

event added

Admin/user can also delete event whenever they can then after delete event blocked campaign will run after starting the campaign.

  • You can also delete an event. Right click on your event, then a delete button will be appear then click on “Delete button”.

delete event

  • An Alert will be display then click on delete button if you want to delete selected event

delete event2

Allocated Time range and Permission Resources for User ro run campaign

Administrator can assign resources to tenants .Assigning specific ‘Timeslot’ and Days of week to run campaigns. User will only run the campaign in the allotted Time slot and selected Days of week. Tenant and his users will run campaigns at allowed Timeslot and Days of week otherwise the running campaigns will stopped immediately.

Following are the steps to alloted the Time and weekday and permissions to Tenant/user

  • Open the navigation menu and select the main menu Administration

  • select the sub menu Client management from main menu and click on it

  • select the client account from client list page and click on Assign DID button from operation menu

select client

  • Resource Assignment page will open, Admin can Allowed time slot to Tenant/Client to run campaign.

assign timeslot

  • Admin can assign permission to tenant/client

assign permission


In conclusion, the incorporation of ICTBroadcast’s event addition feature, coupled with the implementation of date and time restrictions for user campaign runs, marks a significant leap forward in the realm of communication and outreach strategies. By seamlessly integrating these functionalities, users gain unparalleled control over their campaigns, optimizing outreach efforts and ensuring targeted engagement. The ability to schedule events with precision and restrict campaigns to specific timeframes not only enhances efficiency but also empowers users to navigate diverse scenarios with adaptability. This unique combination not only streamlines communication processes but also reflects a commitment to providing a comprehensive and customizable solution. As we embrace the evolving landscape of communication technologies, the holistic approach offered by ICTBroadcast not only meets but exceeds expectations, setting a new standard for campaign management in the ever-evolving digital age.