ICTBroadcast has a very powerful campaign monitoring and reporting feature. Monitoring of a running campaign is very important because it basically allows you to determine if your campaign is working as expected and your target audience is listening to the message that you are broadcasting. Better campaign reporting and monitoring have several benefits. For example, you can learn your customer’s behavior on a particular campaign and tune your campaign accordingly. When you know which of your strategies are preferred by your target audience.

list of campaigns


ICTBroadcast has varios types of reports shown below :

Overview :

In over view report user/admin can take all the overview about campaignsc such as date and time, total calls,total cost and total amount.overview

CDR Summary :

CDR (Call Detail Report) Summary presents the summary of each call placed on every campaign.CDR lists show the list of the successful calls made. If you want to analyze and find how many calls were answered and how many calls were failed, then you’ll see Campaign Statistics.CDR Summary provides the user a chart view of campaign status. It shows the Answered calls, Not Answered calls, failed, not called, congestion, etc.

cdr summary 1

CDR (Call detail report) :

Call Detail Report (CDR) gives all the details about every call placed by a campaign, how long it lasted, and how much it cost. CDR lists are the successful calls made. If you want to analyze and find how many calls answered and how many calls are failed, then you should see Campaign Summary.

Call detail report

Transferred call report :

A call transfer report highlights the number of calls made or received across a direction or channel over a specified period, helping you understand the demand of your call center. The directions can be categorized as: The total number of inbound calls received. The total number of outbound calls made.

Transferred call report

Abandoned Call Report :

The Abandoned Calls report provides a detailed list of all calls abandoned from a queue. In this report we can check the calls that are initiated or ended without any conversation with agents.

Abandoned Call Report 2

Queue Statistics :

Queue Statistics show the list of numbers added in queue while the call was in process. It gives the information about the offline agents, ready agents, busy agent, maximum calls and the maximum wait.

Queue Statistics 1

Live statistics :

Live Statistics show the information about currently processing calls. It shows the campaign, Agent, Extension, Status, Duration, time when agent logged in, for how much time the agent is login and operations.

Live statistics 1

Campaign Statistics :

Campaign statistic shows the detail of each campaign. The list of the Campaign will be displayed. We can also filter the desired result according to our own need and requirement.

Campaign Statistics 1

Agent statistics :

Agent Statistics show the overall summary of each agent. It shows the agent login time, logout time, the time that agent takes to answer the calls and each and every thing that we want to monitor about the agent. We can also filter out the desired agent result of some selected date.

Agent statistics 1

Call recording :

It shows lists of call recording reports. In this report user/admin can see and check the report of calls that are recorded during call.

Call recording 1