Integration Campaign can be implemented in a number of fields. To read in detail you can visit Integration Campaign

To prepare and use Integration campaigns a user has to complete following steps.

  1. Create Contact List
  2. Create recordings
  3. Create campaign
  4. Reporting

For permission and campaign administration please check Integration campaign administration at the end.

1. Create Contact List

While creating contact lists for Integration campaigns, user has to fill fields like other normal contact except the custom1 field, where user will enter offer id. This is applicable for both methods manual contact creation or importing contacts list via CSV file.

Note: For offer id, user may use any contact field. but in this case remember to make it consistent across whole contact group and also update Integration data accordingly while creating Integration campaign.

2. Create recordings

User needs to record and upload into ICTBroadcast the following recordings for each offer.

  1. Offer introduction
  2. Offer details

Beside offer recordings user also has to provide general recording required by Integration campaign as mentioned below:

  • Offer end message (main menu), will prompt prospect to enter 1 for subscription or 2 for details
  • Detail end message (sub menu), will prompt prospect to enter 1 for subscription or 2 to hangup
  • Confirmation message, will be played on successful subscription.
  • Thanks you! message
  • Recording for invalid choice i.e you pressed an invalid button

3. Create Integration Campaign

Visit campaign management, click on Create new Campaign and then select Integration Campaign from campaign list. Now fill the campaign form as any other campaign and fill additional subscription related fields as following.

Subscription Offers

  • Subscription Offers
    Number of offers that user need to support under this campaign.
  • Offer
    Along with offer ids, an introductory voice message and a detailed voice message is required for each offer, choose messages for both.

Subscription Offers

Subscription general message

  • Offer end message This is a instruction message to ask user to press 1 or 2 if he / she want to subscribe or want to listen more detail.
  • Detail end message
    The message will be played after playing offer detail. asking user to press 1 to subscribe.
  • Confirmation message
    Message which will be played when user takes the offer.
  • Thanks message
    Thank you / Goodbye message at the end of campaign.
  • Wrong message
    Message that will be played if customer chooses the wrong option.

Integration CAMPAIGN

4. Reports

After campaign has been completed, user can click on Results under Campaign Management for selected Integration campaign. in result screen there will be a report for Yes and No options.

User can click yes, or no results to find and export corresponding contacts.

Subscription API

5. Integration campaign administration

Admin can change following Integration campaign related settings

Max subscription offer

Visit system configuration and then campaign tab, there admin can change maximum allowed offers, for Integration campaign.

Integration Campaign Permissions

Admin can assign / unassign Integration campaign permission from resources to a particular user or role from user management or role management respectively.

For Integrating ICT Broadcast with another software Integration API is available

Integration Campaign

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