In ICTBroadcast, broadcast user can customize message for SMS and Email campaigns, user can use following tokens in their message.


and email campaign have following additional tokens

However incoming campaign only has one token

Email Campaign
1. Create contact group and add contacts
2. Create a Email template from Messages menu.
3. Now user can create Email campaign with contact group and email template.

Custom Message
While creating email or sms message user can use above mentioned token variable to send a custom message to each contact / prospect. For example

"Hi [contact:first_name] [contact:last_name] this if a notification message from CompanyBank to inform you that your current balance is [contact:custom1] "

Confirmation in Email campaign
Confirmation urls/tokens are available only in email campaign. User can include them in email templates when he need to confirm something. For example,

" Please confirm your participation by visiting [url_confirm_yes] and if you are not interested please visit [url_confirm_no] "

As the targeted contact / prospect respond campaign results will be updated accordingly.

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