ICTBroadcast Service Provider Edition is a scalable autodialer with billing and routing. It uses open source Asterisk PBX as its back-end. ICTBroadcast Service Provider Edition can be scaled to multiple nodes of Asterisk PBX. So this also eliminates the bottleneck of single Asterisk PBX server. Multiple Asterisk nodes can communicate transparently without any delay. Moreover, administrators don't have to worry about the back-end. Easy to use monitoring system of ICTBroadcast give its users real-time statistics of the server machines and call load.

IB-SP-100 to IB-SP500

This is the simplest and the basic package of ICTBroadcast SP Edition. IB-SP-500 has only one server that has ICTBroadcast as well as Asterisk and Kannel installed at the same server.


IB-SP-1000 is an advanced package that has 2 servers. Server 1 will have ICTBroadcast, Apache, Mysql, RabbitMQ, Asterisk and Kannel installed where as Server 2 will only have Asterisk and Kannel for enhanced scaleability and load balancing.


IB-SP-2500 is also an advanced package that has 5 servers. Following are the detail of software running on each server.
Server 1: ICTBroadcast, Apache, RabbitMQ, Mysql
Server 2: Asterisk and Kannel
Server 3: Asterisk and Kannel
Server 4: Asterisk and Kannel
Server 5: Asterisk and Kannel

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