There are many features and campigns offered by ICTBroadcast and Inbound IVR is one of them. IVR campaign dials number from contact list, on answer by the recipient, play recorded message and if recipient presses desired key, it forwards recipient to a live agent for further call handling.

This campaign works like IVR system. User publishes incoming numbers (DIDs), interested callers call these numbers and listen to a pre-recorded voice message. If caller presses the specified key, the call will be forwarded to live agents for further call handling. When user selects this campaign, it will open a form that lists all the options and settings for creating this campaign. The general parameters that need to fill out for this of campaign are:

  • Campaign Name

  • Contact Group

  • Campaign Mode

  • DID

  • Voice Message

  • Introductory Message

  • DNC Action

  • Required Input Key

  • Agent Extensions

  • AMD Action

    Click on "Save" button on top to start the campaign.

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