How ICTBroadcast Prefix Matching System Works ?

How ICTBroadcast do prefix matching ?

ICTBroadcast routing works with country + area or network prefix by prefix matching say we have following routes for prefix +39

When system dials 3931118765 , pattern matching is done and two matches found +39 and +39311 as the later has more matched digits it will be selected and applied

when system dials 39300088789, pattern matching is done and only one match found +39 and it selected and applied

What are basic hardware requirments to setup ICTBroadcast ?

We will install & configure ICTBroadcast software on provided Server machine according to your requirements

Following are minimum requirement to setup your own broadcasting platform

1. Server machine Dual Core 3.0 Ghz or higher with 4 GB Ram Minimum
2. Operating System CentOS 7.x with ssh root access
3. Trunk / Gateway An account with wholesale voip company for voice / fax / sms transmission

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What are ICTBroadcast Software edition available ?

ICTBRoadcast software is available in following editions

1. ICTBroadcast Enterprise Edition

ICTBRoadcast Enterprise Edition is suitable for SMBs and Enterprisers with multiple users of system for their own telemarketing and mass communications needs like mass communicating with their employees , customers and promote company's products and services .

ICTBroadcast Enterprise Edition is web based multiuser , multi tenant with supporting a verity of campaigns .

How to prepare Telephone Number List / Contact list

Contact Lists can be prepared using following methods

1. Manually adding Contacts

First you need to add a contact group

Click Contacts ==> Contact Group ==> Add new group
Enter name of group and select desired regions, countries and destinations
Click Save button at top

Secondly you need add new contacts to said group

Click Contacts ==> Contacts ==> Add new
Enter Phone number and other information and assign contact to groups
Click Save button at top

2. Importing from external file

Click Contacts ==> Contacts ==> Import
Select "Upload contacts via file"

What is format of external file / contact list file?

The format of external file needs to be in CSV (comma seperated values) format as show below

"923330000000","First Name","Last name","","address", "custome value 1","custome value 3","custome value 3","comments"
"923331111111","First Name","Last Name","","address", "custome value 1","custome value 3","custome value 3","comments"

First fields (Telephone numbers) is mandatory and other fields are optional , it means you can prepare a contact list file with only telephone numbers as show below


What type of Voip Providers / Trunks / Gateways ICTBroadcast support ?

ICTBroadcast support SIP / IAX and PSTN gateways / voip providers for voice and fax broadcasting , voip provider / gateway needs to to support fax using T.38 / G.711 pass trhough or T.30 (PSTN)

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How to prepare Voice Recordings or audio messages to be used in Voice broadcasting or IVR ?

Telephony applications requires specific frequency based voice message / audio recordings to be used in telephony applications / IVR's / Voice broadcasting / automated dialing scenarios

required format of sound file need to 8 Khz sampling rate , 16 bit mono and supported types is wav file

You can use one of following methods to create 8 khz 16 bit mono wav files

a. Microsoft Windows built-in recording tool "Sound Recorder"

1. Click on "start" button on windows operating system.
2. Click on "All Programs"
3. Click on "Accessories"
4. Click on "Entertainment"
5. Click on "Sound Recorder"
6. Record your voice through mic using start and stop buttons
7. Click on File menu
8. Click on "Save as"
9. Enter proper file name

What are bottlenecks of concurrent channel capacity of system ?

The concurrent channel capacity of system can be limited by following factors

a. Server Hardware , A dual core 3.0 GHZ system can support more than 500 concurrent channels

b. Voip Provider / Gateway does limit number of concurrent channels

c. Internet Bandwidth and codec selection can limit number of concurrent channels , g.729 use more processing power while g.711 uses more bandwidth resources

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UNIFIED SOFTWARE SOLUTION for Telemarketing- Voice, SMS, Fax Broadcast

ICTBroadcast is multi-tenant Voice broadcasting, SMS messaging & Fax blasting software solution for SMB's and Service Providers, ICTBroadcast has smart autodialer and smart predictive dialer capabilities. It is a professional telemarketing tool and enable service providers to offer broadcasting services to thier users, It can be scaled to blast thousands of simultaneous calls using either VoIP or PSTN. ICTBroadcast can handle most voice broadcasting scenarios,. It is simple, reliable and easy to use and has user friendly web portal to manage.


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