ICTBroadcast has a very large scope and it can be implemented in any field which requires interacting and delivering messages to a large group of people like TV Channels or Newspaper offices. Mostly they are comprised of a large quantity of people. They have different branches and sub-branches in other towns and cities too. Imagine if a channel has to send a particular message to all of its employees, they want every single person to receive their message from janitor to manager. You just can’t sit, write a message and send it to all those people manually it will cost you money and time too. Now think if you can deliver all these messages to every single employee without keeping any track and you can do it all in minutes and with a single click. The only thing you gotta do is create a campaign that can be done with a few clicks. you have to choose whether you want to send voice messages or SMS for this purpose. Emails can be sent too but not everybody checks their mails as much as they check their phones so an SMS campaign or Voice message would be perfect for this kind of situation. To create an SMS campaign go to the Campaigns tab

Choose Create Campaign

Select Message Campaign

Choose the contact list


Hit Save and Run

Not only can you deliver your message but also take input from your employees. You can ask what they think about a certain matter. You want to know if they are satisfied, if they have any issues, they can record their messages.

Agent Campaign can be used to maintain a connection between all the branches whether they are within the city or outside the city.

A survey Campaign is the best to know where your channel stands what people think about the efforts you are putting in, you can know your strengths and weaknesses, and can improve the standard by working on your weaknesses.

Reminder Campaign helps to send a reminder or you can say a notification to the employees about meetings or important dates. You can just save them and schedule ITCBroadcsat will send the notification itself at the marked time.

Email Campaign is used to send mails to the employees.