We are pleased to announce the release of ICTBroadcast Version 3.0. ICTBroadcast has developed into a more mature and professional product. It is a sophisticated, high-performance tool, making it the ultimate choice for telemarketers, carriers, and Internet Telecom Service Providers (ITSP).

ICTBroadcast Version 3.0 include following enhancements:

Improved Dashboard

Monitoring system statistics, user campaigns, channel usage, and campaign statistics is fast, efficient, and streamlined. We combined all monitoring needs in one place, allowing Admin to monitor overall system resources, including node, user, and campaign statistics.

Improved IVR Designer

We have added more applications to our IVR Designer, while also making it more user-friendly. We have added an Audio Record application to record complete calls, that allows them to be downloaded them later using our web-based platform.

Implementation of Load Balancing

We have integrated RabbitMQ with ICTBroadcast and tested Load Balancing over multiple Asterisk nodes. Now one campaign can span multiple nodes and can achieve throughput of thousands of concurrent channels at a time.

Addition of Email Campaign

ICTBroadcast 3.0 supports the creation of Email Campaigns. Now you can choose your target communication medium from Voice, SMS, Fax and Email. There is no need to look for a separate platform for Email campaigns. Everything is bundled into a single software package. Buy one and get all.

Addition of Survey Campaign

Survey Campaign will enable users to create surveys spanning multiple questions and different options, get the recipient's response, as well as recording his or her message, and provide detailed reporting at the end of the campaign. Now you can create choice based questions that require the call recipient to respond using the key press function, as well as open-ended questions that require the call recipient to record their message.

Advance Campaign Management

ICTBroadcast now offers a significantly more Advanced Campaign Management System. Users can stop or start a campaign at any time, can modify a campaign in real-time, and can increase or decrease the number of concurrent channels, simply and conveniently from the easy-to-use Dashboard.

Advance User Management

New Advanced User Management features are being offered in this version as Admin can manage System Resources in an efficient and easy manner. We have introduced a User Switching feature that enables Admin to switch to any user and view his live status.

System wise configuration

System Configuration allows Admin to manage the behavior and performance of the overall ICTBroadcast system. It allows Advanced Users to configure Campaigns, Forms, and Servers.

Supporting variety of broadcasting scenarios

ICTBroadcast 3.0 supports a variety of broadcasting scenarios including but NOT limited to Voice, SMS, Fax and Email broadcasting, press 1 campaign / interactive voice broadcasting, survey, alert system, notification system, polls, telemarketing and custom IVR.

Support for Custom Variables / Tokens

Play a custom message for each recipient using custom variables or tokens. Custom Tokens are supported in SMS messages, Email templates, and IVR applications like TTS, Say Alpha, Say Date, Say Time, Say Number and Say Digit.

Improved Campaign statistics and reporting

ICTBroadcast 3.0 offers improved Campaign Summary and Reporting capabilities. With its chart based reporting, viewing and analyzing a campaign is much easier than before. You can now view the contact details (contact list) of those who answered your call, and of those where call Failed (due to Busy, No Answer, Congestion, Unknown error). You can export these contact lists for further processing.

REST based API's to integrate with third party software

We have included three types of API class to integrate software with third-party applications for system automation. This functionality can be used in a variety of ways, from showing campaign statistics on the web page, to creating new users through a function call.