ICTBroadcast is a web based multi-tenant auto dialer software that offers separate web portals for Administrators and Users. It facilitates complete campaign management for every user. Each user can manage, monitor, and run multiple campaigns separately and independently. Learn more about ICTBroadcast

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Support for Multi-tenancy

ICTBroadcast has built-in multi-tenant support. It has two different roles for normal users and administrators.

Administrator: This role manages overall resources of system like managing users, configuring trunks, making payments, adding new destinations, setting routes and most importantly allocating any number of extensions, DIDs, and channels to users. Administrators can monitor every user, its running campaigns, some concurrent calls (channels) used and the running balance of each user. In the latest version of ICTBroadcast, administrators now can monitor system resources and servers statistics through graphs.

Users: This is a normal user that can manage his contacts, manage voice recordings, manage fax documents, make payments, view his/her balance and view call detail reports. This role can also broadcast his message by creating different types of campaigns and interact with its customers/clients and view campaign results/statistics.

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