ICTBroadcast software offers ultimate flexibility to telemarketing companies, and any businesses that handle large numbers of calls. Customers benefit from exciting opportunities to maximize resources by launching targeted campaigns, enhanced by features including Appointment Reminder, Survey Campaign, IVR Campaign, Press 1 Campaign, and Inbound Campaign. For those seeking a highly customized solution, the IVR Designer tool offers ultimate flexibility and customization of all voice campaigns.

Appointment Reminder reduces missed appointments

The Appointment Reminder function is applicable in a wide range of environments, from doctors’ or dental practices, and hospitals to schools, hairdressers, and garages or repair shops. Time is money; missed appointments cost money, and waste resources. ICTBroadcast virtually eliminates this problem, as Appointment Reminders allow the client to be contacted by voice, SMS, fax or email, according to requirement. Each message can be customized with the recipient’s contact details, and different dates and times as appropriate. Because the whole system is automated, valuable employee time can be used much more effectively.

Survey Campaign elicits responses efficiently and collates results

Most businesses and organizations recognize the importance of good customer care, but it can be difficult to get honest feedback. ICTBroadcast’s Survey Campaign is perfectly suited to this type of situation. The campaign manager simply chooses up to ten questions to include in the survey. ICTBroadcast facilitates customization with individual question messages, and allows the recipient’s response to be elicited using different keys to register a variety of answers. The recipient can even record a personal response!

As with all campaign types, the administrator can enable Do Not Call activation so that the recipient can opt out of calls, simply by pressing “9”. Many campaign managers appreciate the ability to play a recorded introductory message as soon as the recipient answers. This might explain the purpose of the Survey Campaign and issue instructions on responding, for example. ICTBroadcast offers a range of choices for dealing with answer machine pick-up - disable Answer Machine Detection, leave a message on the machine, or simply hang up.

Surveys results become significant when multiple replies are collated and analyzed. ICTBroadcast’s Survey Campaign feature facilitates this by recording the results for future analysis.

IVR Campaign offers an outside-the-box solution to challenging telemarketing needs

ICTBroadcast’s IVR Campaign is the perfect solution for campaign managers who think outside the box, and can meet the needs of the most challenging telemarketing scenarios. Use of the IVR Studio / IVR Designer tool allows complete campaign customization and can support both Inbound and Outbound Campaign types. The selected customized file can be simply incorporated into the IVR Campaign management software, allowing all of the required features to be activated as a running campaign with a few key clicks.

For a company that has a different approach to Survey Campaigns, Agent Campaigns or Interactive Voice Campaigns, the IVR Campaign offers the flexibility to launch a customized campaign solution that works best for the company and its needs.

IVR Studio / IVR Designer features easy-to-use Drag and Drop customization

ICTBroadcast’s IVR Studio / IVR Designer tool features intuitive Drag and Drop functionality. It allows campaign creators to design unique campaigns that offer solutions to whatever telemarketing challenges they face. It facilitates combining recorded messages and agent interaction, while also offering such options as keypad-based message repeat or record. ICTBroadcast’s IVR Designer is the ultimate campaign customization tool for both Inbound and Outbound Campaigns.

Interactive Voice Broadcasting Campaign, or Press-1 Campaign

One of the most indispensable telemarketing services, the Press-1 Campaign suits all businesses that need to contact a target list. Simple to set up, and simple to run, the Press-1 Campaign calls a contact number from the list. On recipient pick-up, the ICTBroadcast software plays a recorded message. If the contact then wishes to speak with a live agent, he or she can press key “1” to progress the call.

ICTBroadcast’s mould-breaking Inbound Campaign transforms telemarketing, especially in heavily regulated markets

ICTBroadcast’s Inbound Campaign is a pioneering innovation in telemarketing. It empowers businesses that compete in tightly regulated markets to turn the system on its head. The company issues a DID contact number to its customers, inviting them to call it, and then channels incoming calls by keypad menu selections. A standard recorded or IVR message greets the customer, who is transferred to a specific live agent or to a team of agents.

This is an ideal, simple-to-set-up, and simple-to-use system for handling many incoming customer queries. The beauty of the Inbound Campaign is that all callers are genuine leads, ensuring high conversion levels at minimal cost.

ICTBroadcast equips customers with the tools to save significant money and other resources, when handling both Inbound and Outbound calls.

URL in IVR Studio / IVR Designer

In IVR Studio / IVR Designer URL option is given for integrating IVR with a third party software.

You have created an IVR and you want when user presses any digit ICTBroadcast should invoke any third party API and should take an action on another software then you require integration of IVR with an other software and this feature in IVR will assist you well.

In URL field API is mentioned during the integration process. When the user presses a digit, ICTBroadcast calls API that was saved earlier, and proceeds further.

Url feature in IVR Designer is a step towards automation and it can help your business grow. This campaign is beneficial for many businesses especially the companies that provide some services to its customers and some kind of subscription is required in the process like cellular network companies.

Integration Campaign

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