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ICTBroadcast Integration With Open Source SugarCRM or SuiteCRM or Vtiger or EspoCRM

ICTBroadcast is a marketing and broadcasting autodialer software solution. ICTBroadcast use open source asterisk gateway in back end. The said integration will be a revolutionary step towards automation of CRM business process and it will make life much easier for admins / manager working CRM's , they will be able to run verity of campaigns including but not limited to sms campaign, fax blasting campaign, voice broadcasting campaigns, interactive / press 1 campaigns, voice based surveys / polls and appointment reminder type campaigns . It will give admins / manager to streamline and merge their CRM business process and communications using single platform.

ICTBroadcast autodialer, DNC and Opt-Out for Countries with Legal Restrictions on telemarketing / Cold calling / robocaling

Different countries has different laws and regulations regarding telemarketing or robocalling , Most countries in world like USA, Canada, Australia, India, UK etc allow telemarketing on working days as well as working time with opt out (DNC) option and some countries allow robocalling / telemarketing with opt in option only such European union . Telemarketing is not completely banned in most countries however as a business, you need to take care of laws and regulations of each country separately and you need to strictly follow these laws and regulations and develop your strategies accordingly in auto dialer market .

ICTBroadcast Monitoring and Reporting

ICTBroadcast has very powerful campaign monitoring and reporting feature. Monitoring of a running campaign is very important because it basically allows you .........

ICTBroadcast, the unified auto dialer compliant with Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991

The ICTBroadcast multi-tenant unified communications package is a powerful telemarketing suite that can dramatically enhance an SME’s capacity to boost efficiency or promote a product. However, the misuse of the product - or any other telemarketing solution - can cause a business to fall foul of consumer and data protection laws and regulations. Therefore, it is vital to become familiar with the local regulations to avoid substantial penalties or heavy fines.

ICTBroadcast, Creating dynamic messages with auto dialer and custom tokens

One of the many benefits of running the ICTBroadcast system for an SME is the flexibility and degree of personalization that the system allows. Dynamic messages can be programmed to run via the auto dialer during a campaign tailored to your existing client database or as part of standard operating procedure. The creation of either an SMS or email template is a straightforward and simple matter. This can be quickly accomplished and refined further at anytime during the campaign, or in the course of normal business operations.