Software as a service (SaaS) is also known as hosted software is a method that provides access to software and its functions remotely as a Web-based service over the Internet. SaaS providers install and maintain software our self and provide access to the software which you can access over the internet. Now no need to worry about complex software installation and hardware management.

Benefits Of Software as a service

  • Reduce Cost
  • Save Time
  • Integration and Scalability
  • Work Anywhere

Reduce Cost

You need to pay for just those things which you needed, no need to buy expensive hardware and software, SaaS is a solution to your core need. Small and medium-sized businesses can get benefits from SaaS applications because it allows these businesses to utilize software that otherwise they would not use due to the high cost of the license. It also reduced maintenance cost and high license cost too.

Save Time

SaaS applications are already installed and configured. SaaS provider provisioning the server and in few hours application is ready for use. It saves time and allows for rapid demonstrations and prototyping. It not only reduced the time spent on configuration, installing and it also reduces issues that come in the case of software deployments.

Integration and Scalability

Another benefit of SaaS applications is, it is easily scalable. It allows you to integrate it with other SaaS applications. No need to buy another server you can scale the existing server and integrate a new SaaS offering. SaaS provider also creates APIs which provide the connection for internal applications like CRM, ERP and also allow you to create a connection with other SaaS providers.

Work Anywhere

SaaS applications are hosted in the cloud and access over the internet through a web browser, they provide the flexibility to access from anywhere by using mobile, tab, and laptop from any location. It provides help in working, you can check order history before sales calls and also access the real-time data before taking an order from the customer.

ICTBroadcast As a SaaS

ICTBroadcast is a broadcasting autodialer software solution. ICTBroadcast SaaS allows you to broadcast voice, SMS, fax, and email at cheap rates. By using ICTBroadcast you can run different types of campaigns such as Appointment reminders, surveys, Interactive Voice Broadcasting, and Inbound Campaign. It also provides Rest based APIs. ICTBroadcast SaaS offer will enable a user, that has no experience in managing a Linux Server, to access the software through a web portal and start broadcasting his message as per his requirements.