Introduction to Fax Broadcasting:

Recently we tested 1000 Fax concurrent calls on single node with ICTBroadcast Enteprise Edition which uses  open source Asterisk communications engine at back end.

Voice broadcasting is prohibed in most countries and if it is allowed there are legal formalities such as TCPA compliance and other that make the marketer job very touch however Fax broadcasting is legtimate method of marketing around the globe and it is ideal to address a specific target market. It is a direct and cost-effective marketing solution. With bulk fax broadcasting you can target a huge number of clients either these are local, national or international. It gives a great opportunity to connect with businesses and send documents. You can create a bulk fax campaign from your computer without a fax machine.

Overview: ICTBroadcast The Unified Auto Dialer and Call Center Software

ICTBroadcast Enterprise Edition is unified communications auto dialer software and call center software, it features Voice, SMS, Fax and Email communications. It is an all one software solution based on open-source asterisk communications softswitch. It features multiple dialing modes such as progressive dialing, predictive dialing, power dialing, preview dialing as well as manual dialing through WebRTC web phones to improve your call center’s efficiency and productivity. ICTBroadcast automated dialer automatically dial contacts and transfer them to agents, so you can focus on providing excellent customer service. ICTBroadcast supports different types of telemarketing and call centre campaigns fulfilling requirements of multiple business scenarios . These telemarketing and call center campaigns make it a complete unified communications telemarketing and call center platform .

ICTBroadcast Fax Broadcasting Campaign:

ICTBroadcast fax broadcasting software allows users to send mass Faxes to their contacts/customers online without using any Fax machines or hardware, Users upload their Fax document and list of contact Fax numbers into the software and start a new campaign to send said Fax documents to thousands of their contacts/customers and Fax broadcasting software starts sending said Fax documents in bulk to Fax machines of these contacts concurrently using Fax over Internet Protocol mostly T.38 and all customers receive faxes securely from the software platform online either through their Fax machine or through Web / Email in case they configured their number for internet Faxing.

ICTBroadcast will dials numbers from contact lists and on the answer, it will transmit Fax documents to destinations. ICTBroadcast is a mass faxing tool that can burst thousands of faxes in minutes. Fax broadcasting software is an efficient tool to communicate and advertise to businesses across the world. ICTBroadcast has built-in support for pdf and tiff documents but can be easily upgraded to support any other document format. ICTBroadcast supports both T.38 fax protocol, traditional G.711 pass through faxing as well as Faxing through PSTN networks. ICTBroadcast packages offered fax broadcasting module charges, It means you don’t need to pay extra charges for it.

Recently, We had real time tested the ICTBroadcast Enterprise Edition with upto 1000 Fax Concurrent Channels on a single machine. The campaign result/Outcome was accurate and satisfied. In this article We will explain about how we tested the ICTBroadcast Fax campaign with 1000 Fax channels and What was outcomes and also about testing scenarios as well as Testing Experience.

Testing Scenarios:

First of all We selected the ICTBroadcast Enterprise edition server with following System requirement and operating system specifications:

  • Memory: 16G

  • Server We used: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU L5420  @ 2.50GHz

  • Core: Quad-Core

  • Hard: 1TB

  • OS: CentOS 7.x

  • Asterisk: 16.24.0.


After that We configured the Asterisk SIP Trunk/SIP provider (thinq) with 1000 Fax Concurrent channels to test the ICTBroadcast Enterprise edition under the load of 1000 fax concurrent Channels.

After Successful Configuration of trunk we Create the Contact group and import contacts into target group. We uploaded the fax document that sent to targeted Destination numbers.

Then we test the ICTBroadcast Fax broadcasting campaign under the 1000 Fax concurrent channels.


For more information about ICTBroadcast fax campaign visit ( )

Our Successful testing Experience:

We tested the ICTBroadcast Enterprise edition under the 1000 Fax Channels load and outcomes was really satisfied and accurate.

active campaigns

The success of this testing experience reaffirms our confidence in the ICTBroadcast Enterprise Edition as a leading solution for organizations seeking a robust and scalable communication platform. Whether for marketing campaigns, informational broadcasts, or any other communication needs, the ICTBroadcast Enterprise Edition has proven its capability to handle significant workloads while maintaining optimal performance.

campaign result


In conclusion, our successful testing experience with the ICTBroadcast Enterprise Edition under the load of 1000 Fax Concurrent Channels marks a significant achievement in our pursuit of excellence. This accomplishment underscores the software’s reliability, scalability, and overall performance, positioning it as a trusted solution for organizations aiming to elevate their communication strategies to new heights.

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