What Is Ringless Voicemail

What Is Ringless Voicemail And Their Benefits

Ringless Voicemail is a method of message communication, it allow you directly deliver a personalized voicemail message to a cell phone server without ringing their phone. It is automatic direct voicemail broadcasting mechanism. It is very useful for creating lots of inbound callbacks from consumers. Everybody listen to their voicemail without annoying interruption.

Not Regulated

It is legal method of marketing of product and services for individual and business. This method of broadcasting is free of any illegal activities which regulated by FTC, FCC and TCPA law. The FTC,FCC and TPA laws not regulated go to voicemail and found this method legal for marketing. Because TCPA regulate on those system which make upsets consumers with unwanted solicitations that might cause complaints. RVM is out of the scope of TCPA because it is a solicited way of marketing.

Benefits Of Ringless Voicemail

Rignless voicemail provide number of features to their user. It is a good and legal method of business marketing. Business should consider this marketing method in their marketing campaign. Numbers of benefits which RVM provides lets see.

No direct phone call made.
Consumer escape from annoying interruptions.
Recipients listen message when they feel free.
The FCC declare voicemail service as enhanced information services.
TCPA,FCC,FTC laws not regulated.
There is no direct contact and the subscriber is not charged for the call.
Higher ratio of inbound returned calls.
Supported length can be 10 sec or 5 min.
Can do Voiceail marketing to consumers.

ICTBroadcast And Ringless Voicemail

ICTBroadcast is an professional ringless voicemail supported software solution. It enable you directly deliver a personalized voicemail message to a cell phone server without ringing their phone. ICTBroadcast ringless voicemail work network to network its not bother subscriber.It is a best solution for mass voicemail marketing seekers. It helps individual and business to use legal marketing campaign and avoid bothersome telemarketing calls during customer inconvenient hours. ICTBroadcast go to voicemail provide businesses high level of consumer acceptance communication solution.

How Ringless Voicemail Work In ICTBroadcast

ICTBroadcast dial Carrier provided Access number and on call answer ICTBroadcast send destination / prospect's phone number using a configured sequence of DTMF tones. And confirmation and beep ICTBroadcast start to play selected message for voicemail recording. And after completion ICTBroadcast ends the call again using a given sequence of DTMF tones.