ICTBroadcast is all in one marketing software solution. It is suitable for individual, small, medium and large type of organizations. It enables individual and organization to utilize personalized communication by using strong custom token in the campaign. ICTBroadcast's custom token tailored marketing campaigns and boost engagement by providing personalized communications. By using custom token in a campaign you can increase engagement and satisfaction level of your client.

Custom tokens are powerful weapons of ICTBroadcast automated phone call system. It is a peace of code which insert into voice message by using text to speech (TTS), SMS messages, Email message, and interactive voice response (IVR) campaign. Tokens are available in predefined variables. Numbers of tokens you can use in one campaign to personalize your message.

Benefits of Using Custom Token In your Marketing Campaign

Custom tokens provide personalized communication. It builds strong relationships with your client. By acknowledging communication from the client in a tailored manner not only does client confidence in your company increase, but also there are more opportunities to provide information about your products or services.

Custom tokens help you to generate a confirmation message for successful subscriptions, as part of a marketing campaign or to acknowledge receipt of data from your customers. Custom tokens function by creating a tailored message specific to your client or customer. It increases the company’s overall marketing effectiveness.

Personalized communication, increase interaction with clients and can lead to greater conversion rates. By offering a tailored service that is personalized to each visitor to your site the rate of conversion to a paying client or customer significantly increases. Furthermore, the retention of existing clients or customers can benefit.

Custom tokens make your offers more relevant and meaningful to the prospect by engaging with his or her name. If you only add a client first name or last in your campaign, it increase the chance of engagement.

Tokens are variables that replace their value dynamically while campaign is running. Tokens have predefined way to use. IVR applications, SMS messages and Email templates allows you to enter or select tokens. Learn more about ICTBroadcast

ICTBroadcast has specific pattern for using tokens which is described below:


When ever above pattern is used, it means first name of contact will be replaced at this place. Similarly, you can use [contact:last_name], [contact:custom1], [contact:custom2], [contact:email] etc. You can play a custom message for each recipient using custom variables and tokens. Custom Tokens are supported in SMS messages, Email templates, and IVR Applications like TTS, Say Alpha, Say Date, Say Time, Say Number and Say Digit.

How it works

You can use Custom Tokens in many useful ways. Following are some of the links explaining how to use these custom tokens in ICTBroadcast.
1. Creating personalized email templates using custom tokens
2. Creating personalized SMS messages using custom tokens
3. Interactive email marketing through ICTBroadcast

All of the above and many more features and benefits you can get by adding ICTBroadcast on your marketing campaign. It provides your customer excellent personalized communication experience by using custom token in different campaigns. For more features explore this link.