ICTBroadacst can be implemented in many fields and Schools is one of those places where it is needed the most as it has Message campaign,Survey campaign, Email campaign,IVR Campaign, Appointment campaign that can be used for schools.

Normally school administrations need to send messgaes to parents regarding the school timing holiday schedule , parent teacher meetings, school functions , school trips and not only to parents they need to update their teachers too for all those tasks we can use Message Campaign , IVR campaign . Messages can be recorded in the audio form and send to the recieptns. If the school wants to send messages in the form of SMS they can easily send the messages on the mobile phones.

School can send messages regarding upcoming functions to invite the parents.

In case of any emergency holiday or strike the school administration can send voice messages to all the parents.

They can send messages about the school trips or recreational activities.

Reminder campaign can send reminders to the parents to submit dues every month , to remind the family as well as teachers about up coming meetings.

They need to send syllabus outline to their staff they can use Email campaign for that.
Schools, Colleges and Universities can use Message Campaign for sending messages to students about their role numbers, results, class schedules , holidays, unexpected events. Parents can be informed about their children’s performance. In schools and colleges Appointment Campaign can be used to remind parents about parent teacher meeting so they may not miss it. Email-Campaigns can be used for sending particular mails to teachers.