Security measures taken to protect ICTBroadcast setup from hackers

sip based networks are always vulnerable to hacking and there need proper security measures to make sip setups secure from external attacks and hacking to make the organization more secure and stable and save them from loss, We have taken all security measures to secure sip network deployments like ICTBroadcast deployment also we make sure that it does not affect its performance

Following are measures that we take to make ICTBroadcast deployment secure and reliable

  • 1. ICTBroadcast is installed on a known flavor of Linux operating system named CentOS 7. x which is used as the standard operating system for secure deployments also we use the default Linux firewall effectively
  • 2. ICTBroadcast provides a multi-tenant environment where resources are allocated separately to each user and each user can access only his resources.
  • 3. ICTBroadcast software developed using standard security practices and it has fine grade permission and role system
  • 4. ICTBroadcast does not allow user sip accounts to make outbound calls themselves, only they can run campaigns through the ICTBroadcast interface with proper credentials and authentication
  • 5. Fail2ban implementation to ban suspicious and attacking IP addresses.