How To Use SMS Broadcasting - Marketing Automation Solution

SMS broadcasting is widely used by businesses. Statistics and facts of SMS marketing insure that mobile broadcasting is an effective way to engage clients, and gain a sufficient return on investment. A huge number of people spend sufficient time with their cell phones. According to Morgan Stanley - 91% of all U.S. citizens have their mobile devices within reach 24/7.

SMS marketing plays a vital role in the advertisement of companies' products and services. Peoples shows their willingness to accept SMS messages from businesses and companies. SMS becomes the greatest weapon for businesses to engage their customers.

To send messages, a large audience needed bulk broadcasting software. SMS Marketing software like ICTBroadcast has the ability to send hundred to thousand of SMS messages at a time. To broadcast SMS by software required to follow some easy steps.

Let's see how to use SMS broadcasting software:

Prepare Contact list

To use SMS broadcasting software first need to prepare a contact list. They allow you to create different contact groups to target specific areas, cities, provinces, and countries. SMS marketing system allows you to import a contact list. Many SMS broadcasting software like ICTBroadcast allow you to upload a Do Not Call (DNC) contact number. If you want the system not to dial a specific number, you can add these numbers in the Do Not Call (DNC).

Prepare SMS Message Write a message that you want to broadcast. Some SMS marketing solutions like ICTBroadcast allow you to broadcast personalized messages. By using custom tokens and variables in SMS. Tokens/variables dynamically replaced with their values and make your message personalized. You can send Transactional & Promotional SMS through the ICTBroadcast SMS Campaign.

Schedule Campaign

Once you have created a contact list, write messages, and selected all the preferences and options, now the time is to broadcast your message. You can broadcast your SMS immediately or can schedule your campaign. It allows you to start campaigning on selected data and time and stop campaigning on selected data and time.

Message Delivery Support in SMS Campaign

Message Delivery Support in SMS Campaign provides a delivery report every time a message is delivered to a number. The purpose of the Delivery report of a message is to notify the user if the message has been sent or not.

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