ICTBroadcast includes advance and complete inbound and outbound Call Center functionalities with power dialing, inbound dialing, dynamic dialing, press 1 and predictive dialing modes also ICTBroadcast offer rest api to integrate with any third party application.

ICTBroadcast can also be integrated to work with an External Call Center for further support. Built-in Inbound and Interactive campaigns have all the ingredients of a call center solution.

Here we will demonstrate how to Integrate ICTBroadcast with Elastix as an external call center. Following is the scenario:

"We logged in ICTBroadcast system and started an Interactive voice campaign. This campaign calls to all the contacts in its list one-by-one. When one of the call recipient after receiving call pressed key 1, call is then forwarded to Elastix's Queue. From Elastix Queue, call then gets forwarded to a live agent at his registered IP-phone / softphone from the Elastix queue."


1. Create an extension in ICTBroadcast and assign it to any user like "admin".

2. Configure said extension in Elastix as inbound trunk like

host=ICTBroadcast IP Address
username=extension username
secret=extension password

3. Add new Queue In Elastix

Queue name = any
Queue secret = any

4. Create an extension in Elastix and register it through soft-phone / IP-phone to receive live call

Display Name = any
username = any
password = any

5. Add incoming routes

Description = any
DID Number = empty (or any)
set destination = select registered extension.

After performing these steps, you'll be able to integrate Elastix and ICTBroadcast. ICTBroadcast can then be used for broadcasting voice campaign, and then prospective customers who presses key 1 will be transferred to live agents that are registered at Elastix call center module.

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