ICTBroadcast is unified communications autodialer software featuring sms broadcasting , fax broadcating, email marketing and voice broadcasting with advance autodialer and call center features

ICTBroadcast does support re-branding ad provisioning of telemarketing services to third party users / customers of an Internet Telephony Service Provider . It is turnkey solution providing all basic components to an ITSP to offer hosted telemarketing and autodialling services . Multi-services billing, advance routing , payment management , White Label and other advance features enable it best b2b autodialer solution in market

White label products and service save your time and cost as well. Making a product like marketing automation software from scratch takes huge finance and labor. It also takes time to build it, in business, time is crucial element. For making marketing software you need to spend most of your time to design, building, and testing the solution. If you have no time, human more capital than custom solution is a best alternative for you. You need to just re-brand the software like adding your company logo and start business immediately.

White label marketing automation software is quick and easy to brand. White label solution provides the features of integration and they are ready to use solution. You can integrate these marketing software to your business easily. It allows you to add your own company logo, branding and identity and start your business without wasting time.

White labels also help you to focus on business’s core competency. It eliminates the burden of companies to build a marketing solution themselves. It enables you to focus on building your brand and selling your products and services while simplifying the conversion path for your customers.

ICTBroadcast - A white label marketing automation software and a complete turnkey solution. ICTBroadcast is attracting service providers and low-cost marketing automation software solution. It is multi-tenant, virtual call center support, IVR, interactive voice broadcasting, multi-campaign and white label solutions. ICTBroadcast provide comprehensive admin and user guide how to use the platform, and also provide online help to value customers. White label/rebranding features is available in ICTBroadcast Service Provider (SP) edition. It allows user to set your own price, create different packages, allocate different channels to user, rates and routes Management, multi-service billing, payments management, scalability, load balancing etc. Click here to learn more ICTBroadcast.

Following pages will give you more details about ICTBroadcast SP Edition , A complete unified autodialer application with turnkey and white-label features.

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