Unified Auto dialler features | Voice Broadcasting Software features

ICTBroadcast, Main Features

Web-based Fax, SMS,Email and Voice Broadcasting application

Multi-tenant platform for Enterprise / Service Providers / ITSP

Smart Auto dialer and Predictive Dialer capabilities

Complete Contacts Management System

Scheduling of campaigns supported

Admin , User and Agent roles supported each with separate web portals

Multiple campaigns simultaneously per user wise

Custom CallerID with personalized Name. Dynamic CallerID, Sequential CallerID supported

Answering Machine Detection, Hangup or leave custom message on AMD detection

Real-time Control of campaigns using pause and start buttons

Real-time Changing of campaign parameters using edit button

Simple Voice Broadcast, as well as Interactive Voice Broadcasting support (press 1 voice broadcasting)

Inbound Voice Campaign support for inbound telemarketing

Store and report Customers DTMF Responses and voice recordings

Multiple sip trunks support, centrally shared and managed

Dedicated sip trunks support for each user

Call throttling: Controlling rate of concurrent calls of any campaign

Web-based IVR Designer / Studio , A drag and drop tool to design custom IVR's

Real time Campaign Statistics

Personalized / custom campaigns using custom token

Inbound Support in Interactive Campaign

Security Features in ICTBroadcast

DNC Support in Email Campaign

AMD Configuration in Auto dialer

System Logs in ICTBroadcast

DID Number as Caller ID in ICTBroadcast

Subscription Campaign

Timezone based Contact Calling

Inbound option in Survey Campaign

CNAM Support in ICTBroadcast

Voice Feedback in Survey Campaign

Quality Option in Fax Broadcasting

ICTBroadcast Service Provider Edition Features

Scalable design to support thousands of concurrent calls

White label and re-branding support

Multiple Service billing support

Rating and Routing support

Payment management support

Ecommerce portal integration for customer managment, support and online payments

Advance user management and resources allocations

CDR's and Graphical reports

REST API support to integrate with third party application and automate business process

Call Center Features

WebRTC based webphone support for call center agents

Inbound / Outbound (Blended) Call Center functionality allows agents to receive calls

External Call Center support for advanced call center functionality

Queue Calls with custom Music On Hold or Pre-recorded message

Single Extension or Batch of Extensions creation

Forward to agent on answer without playing IVR OR forward to agent with IVR on key press

Queues in Agent Module

Third pary applications integeration with ICTBroadcast

Using Rest API's to integrate with third party applications

WHMCS integration with ICTBroacast using REST API's

SugarCRM customer relationship management integration with ICTBroadcast using REST API's

VtigerCRM customer relationship management integration with ICTBroadcast using REST API's

Other reknown CRMs Integration in ICTBroadcast

Business Scenarios

How to become an ITSP / internet telephony service provider

Interactive Voice Broadcasting / Press 1 Campaign type

Can be used as standalone fax broadcasting software

Customer Phone Surveys or Collections

Polling Auto Dialer

Mass Communications or Notifications

Political Voice Broadcast


Phone Reminders

Community and Emergency Alerts

School Notifications

Non-profit Fund Raising

Outbound Appointment Reminders

Retail sales and Business Advertisements


Automated Telemarketing

Enterprise-grade Message Broadcasting

Business to Business (B2B) Lead Generation

Emergency Notification System