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ICTBroadcast Installation Instructions


System Requirements

Please make sure that you have the needed resources to set up ICTBroadcast on your server before you proceed with ICTBroadcast installation. Following are the minimum requirements.

  • Dedicated server
  • Good internet connection
  • Call/Fax/SMS Termination service or originations services
  • Static IP to access a server remotely

Following are minimum hardware specifications for the dedicated server

  • Processor Quad Core 3.2 GHz or higher
  • RAM 4 GB or higher
  • Hard Disk 500 GB or higher

A fresh installation of CentOS 7. x or CentOS 8.x  (x.64) on a dedicated server without any additional software or control panel installed. If you need help in CentOS 7. x / 8.x  installation, please visit the following page 

Step 1: Prepare a system for installation

Please start your server and open / connect with Linux shell or terminal, then login as root or equivalent user having sudo privileges. Then issue following commands


Update your installation

yum update

Install required software repositories

yum install epel-release
yum install


Step 2: Download and Install ICTBroadcast

Now you can proceed with download and installation of ICTBroadcast, the following command will download install all other required dependencies automatically

yum install ictbroadcast ictbroadcast-theme-classic ictbroadcast-sms ictbroadcast-email

After the installation is complete, open your browser and point it to your server and run the installation script.

For example


Fill the form, choose the admin password and note them for future use and then click on submit.

Note: If you have not set any password for MySQL or MariaDB server, then Leave the database root password empty


It will set up ICTBroadcast on a new server and it may take several minutes so be patient. when done you can proceed with product registration.


step 3: Registration

After database setup browser will be redirected to the registration screen, or you may access the registration page from the My Account -> Update License menu. here you have to enter license information. But before you proceed you may need to get a new license key from our service portal. To get the key you have to follow the given instructions:

Visit our Service portal and Select a suitable package of ICTBroadcast to buy or Register for a free Auto Dialer license

Finally, log in to the service portal. and then click Services -> My Services and then click on details in front of the corresponding service/product. here you can find your license key. If you face any issue in license activation, please create a support ticket

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