1) ICTBroadcast pricing/packages :

What Features ICTBroadcast Enterprise edition Offer?

ICTBroadcast Enterprise edition offers various features including Voice, fax, and sms broadcasting, Interactive voice broadcasting, IVR studio, Personal communication, Dialing modes, WebRTC, AMD & DNC support, Disposition Management, Call recoding report and so on.

What Features ICTBroadcast Service provider edition Offer?

ICTBroadcast service provider edition offers various features such as Voice, fax, and sms broadcasting, Interactive voice broadcasting, IVR studio, Personal communication, Dialing modes, WebRTC, AMD & DNC support, Disposition Management, Call recoding report and so on. The following features that are not offered in Enterprise edition are: Multi-service billing, rates and route management, CDR reports, Load balancing and so on.

What Addons are offered in ICTBroadcast?

 ICTBroadcast do offer following add ons to enhance ICTBroadcast functionality for those customers looking for customized solutions.
The following Addons are, Agent performance module, Appointment remainder module, Dedicated trunk module and so on.

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2) ICTBroadcast Multi-tenancy :

What are main roles in ICTBroadcast setup?

ICTBroadcast setup has following roles:

  • Admin

  • Tenant/client

  • User

  • Supervisor

  • Agent

What is role of Admin in ICTBroadcast?

Admin is the owner of ictbroadcast setup. Admin manage and monitor overall ictbroadcast setup and resources. Admin create tenant/client and allocate resources to him. Admin create and manage over all system resources such as extensions/DID’s. Admin setup billing, set rate plan, rates and configure trunk, routes.

Who can Assign the resources to Client/tenant account?

Admin can assign the resources/permissions, extensions, and DID to the client/tenant. Login as admin in ICTBroadcast, then select the Client management sub menu from Administration menu and after that select the Client account to which you want to assign resource, then click on Assign resource options from Operation top up menu and click on it. After that assigns permission that you want to assign and click on save button?

Can User of Client1 can use the Permission and resources of User of Client2?

No users under client cannot use the resources of other client because ICTBroadcast provide Multi-tenant setup means Users under client/tenant can use its resources and permission and cannot use the resources of other clients.



What is the role of Tenant/Client in ICTBroadcast?

Tenant/client manage users, supervisor and agent accounts. Tenant creates and manages multiple users, supervisor and agent accounts. tenant/client assign resources to each users such as extension and DIDs.



How to create new user as client in ICTBroadcast?

Login as admin in ICTBroadcast, and select the sub menu”user management from the Administration menu and click on it. After that click on New User button and Add user page will open then put required information in desired boxes. Select the Owned by box as: create new client.

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What is role of User in ICTBroadcast?

User create new campaigns.User manage and monitor campaigns and all his resources and his data.

How to stop the campaigns of user?

Admin/user itself can stop its campaign. Login to Ictbroadcast, then select the main menu”Campaigns” from navigation and then select the sub menu”campaign management” and click on it, after that click the operation button from list of campaign and then select the stop button and click on it.

How to monitor the running campaign?

Login to ICTbroadcast as admin/user, then select the main menu”Campaigns” from navigation and then select the sub menu”campaign management” and click on it, after that click the operation button from list of campaign and then select the monitor button and click on it after that admin/user can monitor the campaign that call in initaited, answered, or hangup.

How to setup multi tenant environment in ICTBroadcast?

In ICTbroadcast Admin can create multi-tenant environment. First of all admin create the Client/tenant account and assign permission to it. After that admin create user under that tenant and assign permission to it of its tenant. Users utilize the resource of their tenants that are assigned to them. client/tenant manage the users, supervisors, and agent under its resources.

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3) ICTBroadcast Agent performance module :

What is role of Agent in ICTBroadcast?

Agent make/receive/transfer call and communicate with callers /call recipients. Agent manages inbound and outbound campaigns such as predictive, progressive and preview campaigns.

What is Functionality of WebRTC in ICTBroadcast?

ICTBroadcast brings another amazing feature for call centers and Agent support! WebRTC based Agent Panel for Agent to interact with callers / customers .  Agent panel will supports Voice, SMS, Fax, and email communications technologies in future. A WebPhone is a WebRTC based phone that allows agents to receive incoming and make outbound calls using their browsers without any additional hardware or software. ICTBroadcast offers integrated WebPhone for Agents. It empowers agents to perform the following actions.

Can Agent transfer call to Other Agent?

Yes Agent can transfer call to Another agent. ICTBroadcast agent panel has feature of transfer call to other agent if agent is busy.

What is functionality of Attended call transfer in Agent panel?

Attended call transfer is used when an agent put the call of customer on the hold and connects with another team member. The agent explains the case as well as the fact that he or she is transferring the call of the customer. Once he connects the customer to another team member and the conversation gets started, then only the main agent hangs up the call.

What is functionality of blended call transfer in ICTBroadcast Agent Panel?

Blind call transfer feature is used when an agent transfers the call to another team member without informing about the customer or case. In this case, it is also possible that the call
gets abandoned or the customer needs to share the same story again.

How call disposition work in ICTBroadcast?

ICTBroadcast provides an option to reschedule call times. In case of recipient do not take a call/busy, Agent can reschedule the call from the disposition option. After call ended Agent can save the customer feedback in the disposition status.

What is functionality of Call Queue in ICTBroadcast?

A call queue in ICTBroadcast is a feature that allows you to manage a large number of incoming calls more efficiently. When multiple callers dial your phone number simultaneously, a call queue automatically places them in line to be answered by an available agent or an IVR system. This prevents callers from receiving a busy signal or being disconnected due to a high volume of calls.

What is functionality of Agent Performance module in ICTBroadcast?

Agent Evaluation is a great module that will help you to measure agents’ work performance. One of the keys to the success of the performance management process is to have good agent evaluation forms. This great module will help you to sort out agents’ performance-wise.

What are the main steps of the Agent evaluations module?

There are 4 steps to use the Agent Evaluation module are following:

  • Evaluation form

  • Agent Evaluation

  • Evaluation report

  • Evaluation summary

What is the function of Agent Evaluation in ICTBroadcast?

Agent Evaluation report shows the CDR summary associated with each extension. It shows the agent talk, ring and hold time. Through agent evaluation, we can evaluate the performance of the agents. We can also filter out the desired result of the selected agent at some selected date.

4) ICTBroadcast Unified communication :

What communications modes does ICTBroadcast Covers?

ICTBroadcast covers multiple communication modes, including voice, fax, and SMS messaging. It allows users to create and manage voice, fax, and SMS campaigns with advanced features such as text-to-speech, voice recording, and interactive voice response (IVR).

Outbound Communication: ICTBroadcast unified autodialer originates calls toward remote destinations and performs required operations and actions accordingly.
Inbound Communication: ICTBroadcast, the unified autodialer can be activated to support inbound calling mode too, with inbound mode enabled, all campaigns can receive incoming calls on published DID numbers.
Dynamic Communication: ICTBroadcast offer Rest Api to integrate ICTBroadcast with third party applications to automate business processes.

What are Concurrent channels in ICTBroadcast?

In ICTBroadcast, concurrent channels refer to the number of simultaneous calls that can be made or received by the system at a given time. For example, if your ICTBroadcast license allows for 10 concurrent channels, it means that the system can make or receive up to 10 voice, SMS, or fax broadcasts simultaneously.

What is ICTBroadcast’s Advance blended Call center software Functionality?

ICTBroadcast  support advanced and complete call center functionality  both inbound and outbound calling with different auto-dialing modes like power dialing, predictive dialing, press 1 support, and dynamic dialing through REST API also ICTBroadcast REST API enable to integrate with any third-party application with ease.

What are Dialing modes in ICTBroadcast?

Predictive dialer predict numbers of calls to be generated by automatic dialing system in accordance to available agents, It mains ratio and there is the algorithm at the back end that calculated and predict that how many calls need to be generated in order to maximum engage agents and utilize their full efficiency.
Preview dialer is usually connected with a CRM and dialer all lead/contact information before agent before starts dialing, an agent can preview the contact information and note important points required for communications and initiate or reject the call accordingly. In answer, the agent communicates with the call recipient and takes notes, and updates CRM accordingly, in case no answer, busy calls, or no reply calls, the agent record all call dispositions, also reschedule the said lead/contact accordingly.
The progressive dialer is usually connected with a CRM and the dialer places call sequentially and connect each call to an agent, the agent communicates with the call recipient and take notes and update CRM accordingly, in case no answer, busy calls, or no reply calls, agent record all call dispositions also reschedule the said lead/contact accordingly.

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5) ICTBroadcast Addons modules :

What is functionality of rest API module in ICTBroadcast?

This REST API provides an external interface to use some important functionality of ICTBroadcast. ICTBroadcast establishes 3 classes API_User, API_contact, and API_Campaign in REST API that defines all the functions necessary to be accessed from outside of the application area.

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Why ICTBroadcast Use Rest-based API?

ICTBroadcast uses REST based API to ensure communication and automation between our products and third party applications in a seamless and simple process. It helps the customers to automate their business process that improve organization’s performance and customer care to develop stronger relationship with customers.

What are benefits of CRM integration with ICTBroadcast?

With CRM integration, businesses can easily import and synchronize their customer data, including contact information, campaign history, and customer interactions, directly into the ICTBroadcast system. This enables businesses to create more targeted and effective communication campaigns by using customer insights to personalize their messages.

What is functionality of Dedicated Trunk module in ICTBroadcast?

A trunk is a port in terms of handling traffic. Thousands of calls and data are transmitted and received by Trunks in a PBX. Service Providers give access to trunks and configure these trunks in ICTBroadcast to make calls. The admin configures Trunk and assigns it to users. Dedicated Trunk has to be configured in ICTBroadcast. Unlike Central trunk, each user is provided with a separate Trunk and they transmit and receive data through a specific trunk.

What is functionality of Survey and Pool module in ICTBroadcast?

ICTBroadcast offers a survey campaign feature that enables you to run voice-based surveys asking recipients multiple questions, and then creating useful reports from the survey responses. ICTBroadcast, Auto Dialer software has a survey campaign for telephone surveys and polls. This auto dialer software automatically dials a list of numbers and asks them a set of questions that they can respond to, by using their telephone keypad.

What is functionality of WHMCS module in ICTBroadcast?

ICTBroadcast has a billing module for ICTBroadcast Service Provider Edition. After integration with the WHMCS system, WHMCS will be able to provide a proper business platform for broadcasting services including Website, package listing, automated ordering, and account provisioning. This module will allow WHMCS to be used as client management and billing front-end for Auto Dialer service.

6) ICTBroadcast Campaigns &IVR studio :

What are the types of campaign that ICTBroadcast offer?

ICTBroadcast offers multiple campaigns for bulk broadcasting such as Agent Campaign, IVR campaign, Interactive/press1 campaign, Message campaign, Suyvery campaign, email campaign, fax campaign ans so on.

What is the function of IVR Studio?

In ICTBroadcast IVR studio allows users to create advanced telephony systems with a simple drag-and-drop interface. The user can pick any application from the toolbar area, then drag it to the main drawing area and drop it. This will create that application at the dropped location. Its drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for users to create voice response applications in a web browser. IVR Designer’s toolbar contains the applications to create an IVR.

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What is functionality of TTS in IVR studio for Voice recording in ICTBroadcast?

TTS stands for Text-to-Speech, and it is a feature commonly used in voice broadcasting systems like ICTBroadcast. In ICTBroadcast, TTS allows you to convert written text into spoken words, allowing you to broadcast messages to a large audience without the need for a human speaker. TTS in ICTBroadcast also allows you to customize the voice used for your messages. You can choose from a variety of voices, each with its own unique tone and accent, to make your message more engaging and interesting.

How IVR campaign work in ICTBroadcast?

This is an advanced type of campaign. The purpose of this campaign is to broadcast message in the form of IVR (Interactive Voice Response). Interactive voice response (IVR) is a technology that allows a computer to interact with humans through the use of voice and keypad inputs. This type of campaign dials the number from contact list, on answer by the recipient, plays IVR message and on the basis of responses from the recipient, it performs some operation or plays some other message. When the user selects this campaign, it will open a form that lists all the options and settings for creating this campaign.

How Press1 Campaign work in ICTBroadcast?

This type of campaign dials number from contact list, on answer by the recipient, play recorded message and if recipient presses desired key, it forwards recipient to a live agent for further call handling.

Is ICTBroadcast suppport Retry option if Call is not responded?

Yes ICTBroadcast provide option of retries in campaign section during campaign creation. User can select the number of retries during campaign creation if call is not picked or recipient is busy then again retry is allowed if user select the retry option.

what is the function of Caller ID in ICTBroadcast?

Caller ID is a feature in ICTBroadcast that allows the recipient of a call to see the phone number of the person or organization that is making the call. Caller ID is an important feature for businesses and organizations that make outbound calls because it can help to improve the answer rate of calls by building trust with the recipient.

What is the function of Message designer in Appointment reminder?

Message designer allows to the creation of complex telephony voice messages that can be played when a call is received by some person. It allows joining voice recordings, text to speech, alphabet to speech, numbers, and digits to speech, and date and time to speak. It also includes an application to get a response to a reminder call.

What are AMD and DNC Contacts in ICTBroadcast?

ICTBroadcast has built-in support for Answering Machine Detection (AMD). ICTBroadcast incorporates Answering Machine Detection, enabling you to hang up calls on AMD detection or leave different messages for answering machines, according to requirements. ICTBroadcast allows you to upload a Do Not Call (DNC) contact number. If you want the system to not dial specific numbers, you can add these numbers in the Do Not Call (DNC) list and the system will exclude them when the campaign runs. This list can be populated manually as well as automatically when a call recipient chooses the Do Not Call (DNC) option.

How to Create inbound DID and assign it to User?

Login to ICTBroadcast as admin, then go to navigation menu and select the main menu”administration” and then select the Sub menu”Inbound DID” and click on it, after that click the New DID button then put DID number and description, and then select the Assign to: system/available to Users and then save it.


7) ICTBroadcast Billing & Reporting :

How to setup multi-service Billing in ICTBroadcast SP edition?

ICTBroadcast has an integrated prepaid billing system and allows real-time control of calls and campaigns according to available funds. REST-based API takes billing and payments to next level by binding ICTBroadcast to a third party web portal.
ICTBroadcast offers Billing service for different mutiple campaign services such as voice, fax, sms.
Voice billing :ICTBroadcast offer voice billing per minutes cost base.
Fax billing : ICTBroadcast offer fax billing per minutes cost base.
Sms billing :ICTBroadcast offer SMS billing per unit cost base.How to setup multi-service Billing in ICTBroadcast SP edition?

what are rates and route management in ICTBroadcast?

Rates and route management are two important features in ICTBroadcast that are used to manage the routing and pricing of calls and SMS messages.
Rates Management: This feature allows users to manage the pricing of calls and SMS messages. In ICTBroadcast, you can define different rates for different destinations, carriers, and service providers.
Route Management: This feature allows users to manage the routing of calls and SMS messages. In ICTBroadcast, you can define different routes for different destinations, carriers, and service providers. Users can also define priority routes to ensure that messages are delivered as quickly as possible. This feature is particularly important for high-volume campaigns where quick delivery is essential.

How to Add payment in Client/tenant account?

Admin can Add balance/payment in Client/tenant account. Login to ICTBroadcast as admin. Select the main menu Billing and then select sub menu Payments and click on it. After that click on New payment and then select the Account in which you want to add balance to doing calls.

How to Add rates for multi service billling?

First of all admin have to add destination, region, country, and routes for add rates of for calls and message, and fax . Then go to the rate menu and add required information in desired boxes and then save it.

Is ICTBroadcast Provide Campaign Statistics and Reporting Features?

Yes ICTBroadcast offers campaign statistics and reporting features for Users to monitor the campaigns and reports of campaign. ICTBroadcast has chart-based reporting that makes viewing and analyzing a campaign much easier. You can now view the contact details of those who answered your call, and of those where the call failed (due to Busy, No Answer, Congestion, Unknown error). You can export these contact lists for further processing.

what is functionality of reports in ICTBroadcast panel?

In ICTBroadcast, reports provide important information and statistics about communication campaigns that have been executed. Reports in the ICTBroadcast panel can be used to track the performance of campaigns, evaluate the effectiveness of different strategies, and identify areas for improvement.

What is functionality of CDR report in ICTBroadcast?

CDR (Call Detail Record) reports in ICTBroadcast provide detailed information about the calls made during a communication campaign. CDR reports contain a range of information about each call, including the time and date of the call, the phone number that was dialed, the duration of the call, and the outcome of the call (e.g. answered, busy, no answer, failed, etc.).

what is the function of CDR summary in Report of ICTBroadcast?

CDR Summary provides the user a chart view of campaign status. It shows the Answered calls, Not Answered calls, failed, not called, congestion, etc.

How can User see the Live monitoring of Agent?

Live Statistics show the information about currently processing calls. It shows the campaign, Agent, Extension, Status, Duration, time when agent logged in, for how much time the agent is login and operations.

What is functionality Queue statistics in ICTBroadcast?

Queue Statistics show the list of numbers added in queue while the call was in process. It gives the information about the offline agents, ready agents, busy agent, maximum calls and the maximum wait.

How can User see the Agent Statistic in ICTBroadcast?

Agent Statistics show the overall summary of each agent. It shows the agent login time, logout time, the time that agent takes to answer the calls and each and every thing that we want to monitor about the agent. We can also filter out the desired agent result of some selected date.

8) General Questions :

What is personalize communications?

Personalized communication means plays a recorded voice message with the client’s Personal information such as contact:first name, contact: last name, contact:email, and so on.
Personalized communication increase the interaction with clients and can lead to greater conversion rate. By offering custom token that is personalized to each visitor to your site then rate of conversion increases. If user add only client’s name, client’s email it increases the chance of dealing and engagement.

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What is the purpose of custom token in ICTBroadcast?

Custom tokens in ICTBroadcast are placeholders that can be used to insert dynamic data into message templates. Custom tokens are essentially variables that can be replaced with actual data when a message is sent.
Custom tokens can be used in various message templates, including SMS messages, email messages, and voice messages. In ICTBroadcast, custom tokens can be defined and managed in the message templates section of the system, and users can specify which data should be used to replace the tokens when the message is sent.

How to setup trunks in ICTBroadcast?

In ICTBroadcast admin create trunks/provider. Login to ICTBroadcast as Admin. Go to navigation menu and select the main menu”administration” then select the sub menu”gateway” from main menu and click on it. After that click on New Trunk button then Add trunk page will open and then put required information in boxes and click the save button.

How to Become ITSP with ICTBroadcast?

ICTBroadcast Service Provider Edition has been designed for Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSP), to offer hosted autodialer, predictive dialer, progressive dialer, power dialer and call center services to their business customers using their own platform. ICTBroadcast Service Provider Edition features unified communications, multi-service billing, advanced routing system and payment management system that make it a perfect choice of internet telephony service providers/telecom operators/carriers.

What are main component required to Setup ITSP?

There are three main component required to setup your ITSP setup.

Hardware infrastructure may consist of dedicated servers, switches, routers, internet bandwidth, etc. The hardware infrastructure can be on a rental basis from a third-party hardware provider or it will be owned at your premises.
It consists of two main components, first main marketing website with products listing with a self-services customer web portal and eCommerce functionality, and second, a white label multi-tenant ICT service portal to offer cloud-based / hosted ICT services to your customers and manage their billing and accounts separately.
That includes VOIP/SMPP/SMTP/PSTN carriers for voice terminations, SMPP carriers for SMS messaging, and email gateways. The admin needs to select a VOIP/PSTN/SMPP carrier that will provide bulk call origination and termination services.

How ICTBroadcast can help you in your ITSP business?

ICTBroadcast service provider edition has all the features of enterprise grade software for its customer who want to become internet telephony service providers (ITSPs) and want to provide their own broadcasting services such as voice, SMS, fax, and email. To their customers. ICTBroadcast is productive, scalable, and fault-toleranr, ans secure software and comes with monitoring, integration, upgrading, and support services.

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