Telemarketing Software offers a distinct new way to target sales and reduce telemarketing challenges by offering a specific combination of capabilities that provide important benefits. No matter whether you are sales company telemarketing Agency, contact center telemarketing software provide tools which increase sales,improve call handling time and increase contact opportunities.

ICTBroadcast is premier Telemarketing Software for businesses and call centers. It increase the speed and efficiency of telemarketing companies. Its autodialing techniques increased speed to contact and daily call volume, agents productivity, and customer satisfaction etc. By using this software you can achieve your business goals.

ICTBroadcast's telemarketing software is useful for all types of agencies irrespective of their scale and size. It is designed very carefully to boost call productivity, more and more handle the distribution of leads to your sales people.

Features of ICTBroadcast Telemarketing Software

Real Time Monitoring & Statistics

It provide immediate access to customer information,strong intelligent dialing capabilities and clear understanding of the campaign script. It combined all monitoring needs in one place, allowing Admin to monitor overall system resources, including node, user, and campaign statistics.

AMD Support

ICTBroadcast provide the features of Answering Machine Detection. It is very powerful feature, it distinguishes between a human and machine. It enable telemarketer to hang up calls on AMD detection, or leave different messages for answering machines, according to the need.

DNC Support

It provide the features of Do Not Call List (DNCL). It also used DNCL, Opt Out and campaign scheduling option for legal telemarketing. It used two type of DNC, Master DNC(Master DNC list is the country-wide DNC list provided by the government bodies) and User DNC(User DNC is a list for every user who is performing fax or voice broadcasting).

Scalability Support

ICTBroadcast can be scaled up to blast thousands of simultaneous calls. This is achieved through multiple powerful server computers working closely together to provide scalability and load balancing. Usually a single node can handle 500 simultaneous calls efficiently. Using this distributed approach, there is virtually no limit on scalabilty. One can increase and decrease server nodes to scale up and scale down respectively immediately depending upon ones needs.

Multi-tenant Support

ICTBroadcast comes with Multi-tenant support.Its web based Multi-tenant interface offers separate web portals for Administrators and Users. It enable users to completely manage their campaigns.Each user can manage, monitor, and run multiple campaigns separately and independently.