How to add Email Trunk in ICTBroadcast

ICTBroadcast is a mulit-tenant autodialer that can send thousands of voice messages, text messages, email, and fax simultaneously through campaigns. All this data is transmitted when Trunks is configured in ICTBroadcast. Kannel gateway and SMPP protocol are used in the trunk configuration. Following methods are used in ICTBroadcast there are two ways to configure trunks (Central and dedicated)

What is SwiftMailer?

Swift Mailer can be used with any PHP framework, and then easily integrated with an external SMTP like Gmail as well as popular email providers like Mandril, SendGrid, or Mailgun. In this post, we will go step-by-step and review Swift Mailer’s functionality, build an HTML email, embed images, attach files, test the message with Mailtrap, and then send it.

What is SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)?

The simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) is an internet standard communication protocol for electric mail transmission. Mail servers and other message transfer agents use SMTP to send and receive mail messages. User-level email clients typically use SMTP only for sending messages to a mail server for relaying, and typically submit outgoing emails to the mail server on port 586 or 465.

Configure Email Trunk in ICTBroadcast

Click on the administration main menu, then click on the gateways menu. A list of trunks and detail available on-page. Click on the edit button corresponding to the desired trunk to change trunk if required as shown:


Add New Trunk in ICTBroadcast

Click on the New Trunk button, a trunk form will open with required fields such as:


  • Write trunk name in the text
  • Select trunk type from drop list e.g (Outbound)
  • Set status from drop list e.g (active)


Weight sets the priority of the trunk. Trunks will lower values will be preferred from others while doing route selection.


Select [All Nodes] or [Main Server] from the nodes list, To provide access/authority of nodes by through data can be accessed

Technical Information

A select swift mailer from the gateway type list for SMS trunk

Outbound Configurations

Set CPS limit in the text box.
Max number of new calls which this trunk can accept within a specified interval
Set maximum channel capacity in the text box
CallerID/From Address:
Select callerID format from drop list e.g Custom CallerID
Select callerID title format from drop list e.g Custom CallerID Name

Trunk Configuration

Following are the sample Trunk configurations to set up an SMS gateway.


smsc = smpp host = port = 9000 transceiver-mode = yes smsc-username = USERNAME
smsc-password = PASSWORD max-pending-submits = 10 system-type = VMA