By default ICTBroadcast is configured on international prefix format. So admin don’t have to do anything if he/she wants to use international prefixes. All the regions, countries and destinations are already created.

However, If admin decides to use ICTBroadcast only for local destination and want to avoid extra (international prefix) digits, then admin can use following instruction to setup local or custom prefix system.

Clean all Existing Settings

  1. remove all routes
  2. remove all rates
  3. remove all destinations
  4. remove all countries

Setup Custom Prefix System

  1. Create new country for which you want to create local prefixes
  2. Provide all prefixes unique to that country in comma seperated list under “Country Dialing Code” field like “1204,1250,1289” for Canada or “923,92” for Pakistan
  3. Create required destinations
  4. Create rates
  5. Create routes

NOTE: while creating destination please make sure that initial digit of prefix can match with some “Country Dialing Code” in country like if “Pakistan Mobilink” destination has “92300” then it is OK as we have “923” in “Country Dialing Code”

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