ICTBroadcast default packages include all basic and advanced features required for call center, autodialer, predictive dialer, and progressive dialer functionality such as IVR Studio, Multiple Users, Multiple campaigns, WebRTC agent portal, Press 1 Campaign, AMD, DNC, and much more also we do offer following add ons to enhance ICTBroadcast functionality for those customers looking for customized solutions.

We offer following addons

  • Agent performance module
  • Appointment reminder module
  • Dedicated trunks module
  • WHMCS Module
  • API Integration module
  • Survey campaign module
  • Inbound campaign module

Agent Performance Module

Agent Evaluation a great module that will help you to measure agents' work performance. One of the keys to the success of the performance management process is to have good agent evaluation forms. This great module will help you to sort out agents' performance-wise. There are 4 steps to use the Agent Evaluation module are following

  • Evaluation Form
  • Agent Evaluation
  • Evaluation Report
  • Evaluation Details

Evaluation Form

In these steps, you will create multiple forms that you want/require to view the report of the agent.

voip service evaluation form

Agent Evaluation

You will define and write the Evaluation for each agent here. It will also show the agent's talk time, waiting time and call duration, etc.

agent evaluation

Evaluation Report

After you set evaluation statics for all agent, you will be able to see the Evaluation report here e.g.
each agent with total scores of knowledge, total Duration with agent name, and Evaluator by.

agent evaluation report

Evaluation Details

A detailed report includes a meaningful section and contents that are being evaluated. You will find out the detailed report for each item.

agent-evaluation detail


Appointment Reminder Module

appointment reminder

The appointment reminder campaign places one by one reminder call to all of the contacts in a group automatically. This campaign requires that all contacts should have scheduled start and end times for appointments. All calls will be made before the start of the appointment. In the campaign creation form, the campaign administrator will set a Reminder Call Time to specify how many hours before the start time of the appointment. The campaign creation form also has a Reminder Expiry Time field that ensures that no calls should be placed after the expiry time. ICTBroadcast will individually call each contact to confirm their appointments and provide full reports to the admin/user that the contacts have confirmed appointments and the contacts have not confirmed their appointments in both a graphical summary and a detailed form.
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Dedicated Trunks Module

A trunk is a port in terms of handling the traffic. Thousands of calls and data are transmitted and received by Trunks in a PBX. Service Providers give access to trunks and configure these trunks in ICTBroadcast to make calls. The admin configures Trunk and assigns it to users. Dedicated Trunk has to be configured in ICTBroadcast. Unlike Central trunk, each user is provided with a separate Trunk and they transmit and receive data through a specific trunk.

dedicated trunk

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WHMCS Module

whmcs integration ictbroadcast

ICTBroadcast has a billing module for ICTBroadcast Service Provider Edition. After integration with the WHMCS system, WHMCS will be able to provide a proper business platform for broadcasting services including Website, package listing, automated ordering, and account provisioning. This module will allow WHMCS to be used as client management and billing front-end for Auto Dialer service. The following are few billing scenarios that can be achieved by ICTBroadcast for voice, fax, SMS, and email broadcasting businesses.

Survey Module

survey module

ICTBroadcast has a telephone survey and polling survey campaign that automatically dials a list of numbers and asks the call recipient a set of questions when the call is answered that they respond to by using their telephone keypad. ICTBroadcast has fully interactive visual graphs and survey campaign reports. You can ask up to 10 questions in a single survey. And get an answer via mobile keypad or voice response for each question separately e.g. You ask 2 questions are following:

1. How much you like our product please press 0 to 9.
2. If you have any suggestions for us or our services, we will happy to listen please tell us and save your voice recording after the beep.

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ICTBroadcast Integration Module

ICTBroadcast also offer integration option with third party applications using third party application's API's

ICTBroadcast can call 3rd party application's APIs to communicate. Users can create dynamic integrations using custom tokens. Currently, Users can use the integrations with following options

  • Integrations as Push Call Status
  • Integration with IVR

Integrations as Push Call Status

If the user needs to use the 3rd party APIs integration in ICTBroadcast, he can use it while creating a campaign. When users use this in the campaign, the selected APIs will call after the end of every call in the current campaign.

3rd party api integration.png

Integration with IVR

The use of the integration module in IVR studio could very use full for ICTBroadcast users. User can call their APIs in IVR campaigns. e.g.

In IVR after the call start, after plays the recorded message to the caller and select the Integration applications to call his custom APIs for any specific reasons. Users can call multiple integration APIs as per their requirements.

api integration ivr

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Inbound Campaign Modules

The Inbound Campaign enables companies to compete in strictly controlled markets to turn the system on its head. The business issues a DID contact number to its customers, invites them to call it, and then channels incoming calls by choosing the keyboard menu. The client, who is moved to a single live agent or to a team of agents, is greeted by a standard documented or IVR message. For handling many incoming customer queries, this is an ideal, simple-to-set-up, and easy-to-use system. Real leads are generated by the inbound campaign, ensuring high levels of conversion at minimum cost. There is a total of 6 Inbound Campaign Module in ICTBroadcast are following:

  • Agent Campaign
  • Integration Campaign
  • Interactive Campaign
  • IVR Campaign
  • Message Campaign
  • Survey Campaign

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The above-mentioned module can be used for the Inbound Campaign in ICTBroadcast.