Recently ICTInnovations released the ICTBroadcast Enterprise Edition version 6.0. ICTBroadcast is advanced unified Auto dialer and Call Center Software having Multitenant and Multi-service billing management Support. 

Following are the new features and Addon  introduced in ICTBroadcast Enterprise Edition version 6.0

1: Update for RockyLinux8 & CentOS8.x:

ICTBroadcast Enterprise Edition version 6.0 is Supported for CentOS stream 8.x and RockyLinux8.  Libraries, PHP version, and dependencies are updated for CentOS8.x and RockyLinux8

2: Twilio SMS support added & HTTP SMS support added:

ICTBroadcast Enterprise Edition version 6.0 Twilio/HTTP SMS support added. Admin has  option to configure the SMS Trunk using Twilio/HTTP gateway instead of default open source kannel gateway.

twilio SMS

3: new/minible theme added:

ICTBroadcast Enterprise Version 6.0 Features New minible theme support. 

new minible theme

4: Improved agent panel:

ICTBroadcast Enterprise Edition Version 6.0 features much improved agent panel. The improved webphone enable agents to dial manually. The agent history section has also been enhanced, Additionally agents can now reschedule contacts for a selected time.

improved agent panel

5: multiple dialing features added:

ICTBroadcast Enterprise edition version 6.0 features multiple dialing modes support. user can use multiple dialing mode during campaign such as predictive, preview, progressive, and manual dialing.

multiple dialing feature