What is Voice Broadcasting?
Voice broadcasting is actually a way to communicate with a large number of people. This can include broadcasting messages through calls to thousands of people. This technology of voice broadcasting works on small as well as large scale; for small communities as well as large organizations. The recipients of these voice broadcast techniques can be anybody from members and colleagues to the normal public as well.
Voice Broadcasting for Political Campaigns
Where this method is used to connect with thousands of people for many purposes, politicians also make use of it. Political voice broadcasts have been known to go widespread around the world. It is a way through which political candidates can connect with many supporters without having to extend their budget for the campaign. Voice broadcasting for political campaigns has proved to be successful.
Through political voice broadcasting, candidates get a way to create a link with their targeted audience; to present in front of them what they have to offer, and provide solutions to their problems, and answers to their questions. It is a good way to develop a good relationship between the candidate and voters.
How does it Work
In the voice broadcasting system, there is an autodialer system. In this system, there are lots of contacts saved along with a message that has been recorded from before. All that is required is proper scheduling of time, and when the button is clicked, the voice message will reach all the numbers mentioned on the contact list. There is no worry if all recipients do need to listen to your message, but the majority will. Even if a recipient is not at home, the message will be saved in the answering machine to be heard later on, according to the ease of the recipient.
Costs Involved
Compared to all other sources of conveying messages, voice broadcasting can be effective and influential, reaching a large number of people in a few seconds. The best thing about it is that it is much cheaper than other mediums. An average of 1.75 cents will be charged for a single call. Thus, if the message is broadcasted to suppose ten thousand people. It won’t cost more than the average 175$, which is much lower as compared to television and radio advertisements.

Points to Remember when going for Political Voice Broadcasting
When using the political voice broadcasting option for the success of any campaign, it is important that the recorded voice should be crystal clear, with messages that are carefully scripted to catch the interest of listeners and impress them. Political voice broadcasting is an excellent way as it is cheap and can reach too many people at a time. Alternatively, if there had been labor hired in persons, they would not have been able to reach people to such a great extent as it is possible with the voice broadcasting technology and it won’t be so cheap either, as the costs of human labor are high.

ICTBroadcast an SMS, Fax, and Voice Broadcasting solution

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