Area Code/Destinations Timezone Restriction and Time Slot Calculation

This new feature protects you from any legal issue, Admin can impose time zone based restriction globally as well as locally means admin can restrict all system users to run campaigns in proper legitimate time also he too can run and schedule campaigns in working hours. Admin can freely start any campaign and schedule its timing and the campaign will automatically run and stop daily as per the given schedule and time zone restrictions.

Time Slot

Allowed Admin to set time period From to To time range.


here is a total of 3 options in this section, First 2 are the filters to show your desire for Destinations in the Available list. e.g.

Select Asia from this list of Region, All Asia’s country list will be filtered in the Country dropdown. And by selecting Pakistan all carrier lists will be visible in the Destination list. And clicking on the desired carrier will be a move to the Selected area. There is a button under this available list named select all will select all carriers and remove all under the Selected to unselect the selected carriers.

How it will works

  • A more precise destination prefix will be referred to our short destination prefix, for example, the system will process restriction for the 1234 prefix if both 1234 and 12 restrictions are enforced.
  • The exception to the above-mentioned rule, short prefixes can match with more destinations, for example, prefix 1 will be sufficient for the whole USA and Canada.
  • If there is no restriction exist for the dialed number then it will be considered that the user is allowed to dial.
  • However, the existing / default user’s timezone based time restriction can still apply and prevent the user from making outbound calls