One of the many benefits of running the ICTBroadcast system for an SME is the flexibility and degree of personalization that the system allows. Dynamic messages can be programmed to run via the auto-dialer during a campaign tailored to your existing client database or as part of standard operating procedure. The creation of either an SMS or email template is a straightforward and simple matter. This can be quickly accomplished and refined further at any time during the campaign, or in the course of normal business operations.

Predefined tokens, or variables, for client details such as the client’s name, address, phone number, or any other custom token are inserted into your SMS or email template within the ICTBroadcast editor. Once the template is defined the auto-dialer will deliver a tailored message to each of the recipients in the database or generate a specific message in response to a user action.

This system is simple to manage and can be used in numerous situations. For example, the system can be used to generate a confirmation message for successful subscriptions, as part of a marketing campaign, or to acknowledge receipt of data from your customers. Custom tokens function by creating a tailored message specific to your client or customer.

An example of custom tokens in use can be seen in the following message:

“Hi, [contact:first_name] [contact:last_name] this is to confirm that Company Name have received your message and one of our specialist [contact:custom1] customer service representatives will soon be in contact”

In this example there are three custom tokens:


These tokens, and all the other tokens available for use, are populated with reference to data submitted by your customers. In this example, the data will correspond to the contact information a customer has provided. This data can be uploaded via a web interface or alternatively, the customer is able to make use of enabled REST API, this allows integration of ICTBroadcast with your database. Database integration is a simple process and allows specific customer information to be dynamically retrieved so the customization process becomes automated.

There are three key benefits of using such a system.

Primarily, the automation process can save a significant amount of time that would otherwise require dedicated monitoring and response. In this manner the process of building a relationship with your client base is automated.

Secondly, the system serves as a method to strengthen relationships with your client base. By acknowledging communication from the client in a tailored manner not only does client confidence in your company increase but also there are more opportunities to provide information about your products or services.

Thirdly, the use of customized interaction with clients can lead to greater conversion rates. By offering a tailored service that is personalized to each visitor to your site the rate of conversion to a paying client or customer significantly increases. Furthermore, the retention of existing clients or customers can benefit.

The easy use of custom tokens is just one of many reasons why ICTBroadcast is the integrated system of choice for our rapidly expanding client base.