Tokens are variables that replace their value dynamically while the campaign is running. Tokens have predefined way to use. IVR applications, SMS messages, and Email templates allows you to enter or select tokens. Learn more about ICTBroadcast

ICTBroadcast has a specific pattern for using tokens which are described below:


When ever above pattern is used, it means the first name of contact will be replaced at this place. Similarly, you can use [contact:last_name], [contact:custom1], [contact:custom2], [contact:email] etc. You can play a custom message for each recipient using custom variables and tokens. Custom Tokens are supported in SMS messages, Email templates, and IVR Applications like TTS, Say Alpha, Say Date, Say Time, Say Number and Say Digit.

How it works

You can use Custom Tokens in many useful ways. Following are some of the links explaining how to use these custom tokens in ICTBroadcast.
1. Creating personalized email templates using custom tokens
2. Creating personalized SMS messages using custom tokens
3. Interactive email marketing through ICTBroadcast